Once post production is over and the final version of the film has been generated - a DCDM (Digital Cinema Distribution Master) it is time to think about distribution in cinemas or festivals. Kiné-Imágenes has a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) laboratory for this purpose. We can create the DCP in different industry standards (Interop or SMPTE) and take care of the different adjustments needed to generate this support. Examples include the modification of the frame rate of the image and sound, or adaptation of the aspect ratio to 1.85, 2.39 scope, etc, adjustment of color spaces and conversion into XYZ. Sync up and conversion of subtitles to DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) standard. Creation of multiple CPL (Composition Play List) in the same DCP for different versions and according to the requirements of each cinema, country, festival. Duplication of the DCP, with multiple copies according to distribution needs. Encryption of the DCP and generation of KDM keys (Key Delivery Messages) to have control of the film passes in cinemas. All DCP pass a quality control on our DCI-P3 projection room with 35 seats available for your entire production team.